Making life better for patients
Making life better for patients

The ‘Fat lads’ have been shedding their clothes, to recreate risqué famous scenes from the world of popular culture, music and sports, to raise funds to go towards prostate cancer services in Sheffield.

The pin-ups from Sheffield, Rotherham and Hull know each other either from the workplace, their love of photography, or on the terraces at Millmoor. However, even though some of them had never met before, they were all willing to join forces after a chance discussion online.

Photographer Richard Gaynor, who stars in the calendar, recalls how an uploaded picture of him parodying Demi Moore’s famous Vanity Fair cover got the ball rolling.

“I put the picture on my Facebook page one evening, and it just went bonkers. After a few jokes were thrown in my direction, together we came up with the idea that we should do a calendar, but with fat lads.

“I said that if we were getting out kit off, we should do it for a good cause. In the end we plumped for the Prostate Cancer charities as it is not a widely discussed topic amongst men.

“It was really easy to get volunteers. Within two days I had 15 people saying they would do it. About six weeks later we had a day in the studio, not wearing much, and having a laugh. They’re really a good bunch of lads.

“I don’t think there were many nerves, it was all go. Once you’ve got your pants off, you just get on with it. We have tried to preserve everyone’s modesty, but we did a couple of mishaps and had to take some shots again.”

Famous photo’s parodied include the Beatles Abbey Road cover. Shot in Wellgate, Rotherham in the early hours, the shot had been dubbed ‘Flabby Road’ by the group.

The calendar has already raised £11,000 through sales and advertising, with the lads now pushing to reach their £15,000 target before Christmas.

The calendar costs £7.50 and is available through the fatlads website or various local outlets. For more information, visit