Making life better for patients
Making life better for patients

Sheffield Hospitals Charity has kicked off the huge fundraising drive in response to a growing number of mums-to-be who are choosing water as their primary pain relief when giving birth.

The appeal, instigated in partnership with Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, aims to fund the development of three new cutting edge birthing pool rooms for the city’s renowned Jessop Wing.

The refurbished rooms will be made complete with fully accessible ergonomic pools, sympathetic décor and dimmable LED lighting to help give parents the most relaxing experience possible..

Theresa Hurst, aged 36, from Oughtibridge, has given birth to her three children at the Jessop Wing.

Theresa had a birth pool delivery with her first baby, Archie. Her second son, Ted, came too quickly for her to need to use the pool, but in July this year she gave birth to her third son, Joseph in the water. 

She said: “I genuinely believe both of my pool births gave me a great start to motherhood. I am convinced that, in addition to the excellent care provided by the midwives, using the pool meant the births were positive, calm and a completely natural experience. Having more pools at the Jessop Wing would just add to the already wonderful services on offer and really enhance many more women’s birthing experiences.”

David Reynolds, Director at Sheffield Hospitals Charity, said: “Hundreds of women already give birth in water using the outstanding facilities on offer here in Sheffield. But as more and more people become aware of the astonishing power of water in supporting labour we felt it vital that we launched this appeal to give even more women the option of a pool birth.”

Alison Brodrick, consultant midwife at the Jessop Wing, said “The use of water is one of the simplest forms of pain relief available to women it has no side effects, It can also reduce the length of labour and the need for further pain-relieving drugs in many cases.

Some mums will stay in the pool and have a water birth this is a calm and gentle birth for mother and baby. The reduction in drug use, during labour means the baby is alert, calm and ready to initiate feeding. In turn, all these benefits lead to a shorter hospital stay so mother and baby can go home earlier.

To donate to the Jessop Wing Appeal, visit,email or phone 0114 226 7351.