Making life better for patients
Making life better for patients

Making or changing a will doesn't need to be complicated and can be relatively inexpensive. It allows you to decide who has a share of your estate and that your last wishes are respected even when you're not there to explain them.

Naturally your first priority will be to look after your loved ones, but you may find there is room to leave a gift to charity. This doesn't mean you have to be wealthy, any gift, whatever the size is valuable to us because it enables us to support more patients.

Leaving a gift in your Will today costs you nothing now, but will make a difference by funding improvements that will help patients feel even better in the future.

For more information about leaving a gift you can download our Will Making Guide or please feel free to get in touch with us for further information or advice.

If you decide to leave a gift to future patients through Sheffield Hospitals Charity, we

  • promise not to intrude on your privacy by telephoning you about this way of giving.
  • will never ask you the size or type of legacy if you decide to support our work this way.
  • absolutely recognise that those closest to you come first in your Will.
  • will never ask you to tell us your intentions, but if you tell us your intentions we are then able to say thank you, which is nice to do!
  • fully understand that personal circumstances change and there might be a time when you must take Sheffield Hospitals Charity out of your Will.
  • promise to use your gift wisely for the benefit of future generations.
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