Making life better for patients
Making life better for patients
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The cancer and blood disorder service is based at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital and treats patient’s with hematological cancers:  leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma, these are cancers arising from abnormal blood or bone marrow cells. Patients with rare blood disorders such as Sickle Cell Aneamia and Thallaseamia are also treated.

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Young people with Leukaemia now have a place of their own, where they can spend time during treatment. Beautiful artwork has been displayed and comfortable chairs, magazines, a television and access to the internet have been installed to create a more homely environment. The space also provides an opportunity for them to speak to people of a similar age and support each other.

“Coming back to the hospital is much better now because of the space that has been created. When you are not feeling one hundred percent it’s nice to have a really comfortable place to sit. I’ve also been able to talk to other young people. It’s good to have someone to talk to who understands what you are going through, because they are in the same position” Daniel.