Making life better for patients
Making life better for patients
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Cystic fibrosis (CF) is one of the UK’s most common life-threatening inherited diseases. The disease primarily affects the lungs and the body’s ability to digest food and absorb nutrients.

CF sufferers need to eat more than other people just to maintain their weight. They require food and drink with higher calories as they struggle with nutrition and growth. They also suffer from recurrent chest infections which damage their lungs, making it difficult to breathe. At this stage a lung transplant is the only option, but this isn’t always possible as matching donors are difficult to find.

Treatment is lengthy and complex with patients often being isolated from their family and friends and removed from normal life. Current life expectancy for patients born today is 38 years of age. There is currently no cure for cystic fibrosis.

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The Sheffield Adult Cystic Fibrosis Centre is based at the Northern General Hospital. Care is delivered by a dedicated team of consultants, specialist nurses, dieticians, physiotherapists and social workers, who are focused on the needs of the patients fighting such a debilitating disease.

A new 12-bed inpatient ward was built at the Centre thanks to a £1 million grant from the Charity. The funds were raised by our supporters.

Modern design and state-of-the-art technology allows essential treatment and medical procedures to be provided, whilst giving a comfortable “home from home” atmosphere for patients. Patients often have to stay in hospital for long periods and are now able to have their own en-suite room. Each room has entertainment and exercise facilities and provides a nice space for patients to relax in.

"It's really hard for other people to understand what it's like to live with cystic fibrosis - how exhausting and restricting it can be. The ward is great, it’s more homely than medical. I can just stay there to relax and rest." Ruth.

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