Making life better for patients
Making life better for patients
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You can help patients with kidney disease

This starts with the ability to diagnose any kidney problems as early as possible to give them the strongest chance of recovery and to ensure they are provided with the best care available to slow down the progression of disease and to prolong their life expectancy.

It also means that patients who can’t be cured can receive their dialysis treatment in a welcoming and comfortable environment, while they wait for a suitable transplant and that future generations may have the chance to survive longer, due to the research our scientists are carrying out to advance patient care.

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Patients with kidney disease can spend long periods of time in hospital for treatment and regular check-ups. We have been able to fund a refurbishment of the Outpatients Department so that patients and their families can wait for appointments in a comfortable and welcoming environment. We have also bought enough televisions to allow each patient to have a television to themselves for the 3-4 hour process of dialysis, providing much needed entertainment.

"It's much better, being able to watch what you want, instead of having to share a TV. We are hooked up to the machine for a lot of hours each week, so little things like this can really make life easier"  Kidney dialysis patient, Paul Walker