Making life better for patients
Making life better for patients

We support research projects into a wide range of eye conditions and their treatments including the condition, Nystagmus.

Nystagmus causes constant and uncontrollable movements of the eyes, either up and down or left to right. Most people with nystagmus adapt to their involuntary eye movements but a significant number do not and must contend with the world constantly moving around them.

A collaboration between Sheffield Hospitals Charity and researchers at the University of Sheffield has resulted in a smart phone app to allow people to experience what it’s like to live with nystagmus in order to help others understand the condition. The app uses eye movement recordings from real patients with nystagmus and replicates the eye movements within a virtual reality headset. This allows the families, friends and employers of those with the condition to understand the difficulties they face and can help to make necessary improvements to make their lives easier. Moreover, this project also provides a building block for research into other eye conditions and their treatments. 

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