I want to be here as long as possible so I can see my five children grow up. Dr Chantry’s research may not directly benefit me, but if it helps other people fighting myeloma in the future that will be a truly wonderful thing. I don’t want anyone to have to go through what me and my family and friends have.

Jaqui Copley, Fundraiser and patient with myeloma

Finding a cure for myeloma right here in Sheffield

Myeloma is a cancer of the plasma cells that are found in your bone marrow and make up your immune system. Unlike other cancers, it does not exist as a lump or a tumour. It causes bone disease, recurring infections, chronic fatigue and kidney damage. There is currently no cure. 

Following on from our initial appeal – where the £90,000 target was met – we now need to raise an additional £50,000 to allow Dr.Chantry and his team of researchers to investigate new, more effective treatments for Myeloma.

The team are researching an exciting new therapy not yet tested on this disease targeting the hormone adrenomedullin. Although adrenomedullin plays a healthy role in the body such as controlling blood pressure function, it can also enhance tumour growth and aid cancer spreading to different sites in the body.

To try to combat this, the researchers have developed a new drug which can block its cancer promoting effects whilst leaving its healthy functions intact. They now want to test the effectiveness of the new drug in reducing the amount of tumours found in the bone compared to current chemotherapy treatments.

More information about these incredibly important projects can be found below;

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