Please help us to raise funds to support your local hospitals and NHS staff during the coronavirus pandemic

Our hospitals in Sheffield are coming under unprecedented levels of pressure during the current Covid-19 crisis, but NHS staff continue to be there for thousands of us each day. They will not stop caring for us during this time of need.

Whilst we are all being told to stay at home and to take measures to stay safe from Covid-19, our incredible NHS staff are not able to do that. Instead, they will be working under increased pressure to make sure the people of Sheffield get the care they require.

Donate to support your local hospitals today

The situation we are seeing is unprecedented. But amidst the worry and concern that so many are feeling, one constant is the remarkable work of our hospitals and our incredible NHS staff who are working on the frontline under extreme pressure.

As an NHS charity, we believe it is our duty to stand shoulder to shoulder with our hospitals and their staff, now more than ever.

Help us to say thank you for all that the NHS is doing at this time

Your donation today will support our local hospitals and NHS staff when they need it the most.

Thank you.