Love a real Christmas tree but hate the hassle of getting rid of it? We've got you covered! 

In return for a donation, our team of volunteers will collect and recycle your Christmas tree this January – saving you a trip to the tip and the job of cleaning pine needles from your car!

What’s more, all the trees collected will be recycled and reused within Sheffield, so you’re doing something good for the environment and your local community too!


To book your collection CLICK HERE 

Collections will take place between Thursday 11th & Sunday 14th January. 

Where does my tree go?

Once our tree-mendous volunteers have collected your tree, they'll take it to a drop off point within the local area. There, our amazing tree surgeons will chip your tree and the chippings will be re-used in the community in places like allotments and farms. 

Our Amazing Collection Supporters

We would like to say a huge thank you to our event supporters, without them, these collections wouldn't be possible:

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Our Collection Partners

As part of our Christmas tree recycling campaign, we are working in partnership with Just Helping (Registered charity no. 1149068) and as part of our partnership agreement with them we are proud to also be supporting another local charity, Yorkshire 4x4 Response* (Registered charity no. 1144928)

"Yorkshire 4x4 Response is all about rolling up our sleeves and hitting the road when our community needs a hand. We're not your typical charity; we're a passionate group of volunteers with one goal – to be there when it counts. 

Whether it's heavy snowfall, scorching heatwaves, or flooding, we're here to lend a helping hand. Our primary mission is to assist category 1 and category 2 responders, including the Police, Ambulance, Fire, NHS, and Local Authorities. We're the ones who step in when conditions get extreme, ensuring that these vital services can keep running smoothly and we've formed strong partnerships with NHS trusts across the region, including Sheffield.

As a volunteer charity, we rely solely on donations – these help us fund essential training, purchase equipment, and cover the day-to-day running costs that keep us on the road, ready to respond."

*After costs, 85% of monies raised will go to Sheffield Hospitals Charity, the remaining 15% will be donated to Yorkshire 4x4 Response