Thanks to funding from Sheffield Hospitals Charity, a red-carpet event hosted at the Sheffield City Hall Ballroom saw incredible staff from across Sheffield Teaching Hospitals receive recognition for their achievements over the last year.

The NHS Thank You Awards, organised by Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, celebrates the achievements and dedication of individuals and teams from across the organisation. In the run up to the awards, colleagues are invited to nominate an individual or team who they feel has gone above and beyond the call of duty. 


David Drabble, winner of the PROUD Volunteer of the Year Award said:


“Getting nominated by your peers is the best - like getting player of the year. Thanks to everyone I’ve met volunteering. It’s made my life better”


Sheffield Hospitals Charity is proud to have been able to sponsor the awards this year, providing funding for the candle-lit evening hosted at the ballroom at Sheffield City Hall. There were eight awards announced this year, including for innovation, volunteer of the year, and the winner of winners. Manish Bhasin, previously a renowned BBC anchor and now face of the Premier League, was the guest host for the evening.


The event stood testament to the kindness and warmth that can be found across the NHS, as colleagues congratulated each other for their successes. Members of the senior leadership team at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust also took to the stage to present the awards, as well as to say a few words of gratitude to those staff members in attendance. 


Annette Laban, Chair at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said: “I’m full of pride and I’m astonished by what you do day in and day out. STH is an extraordinary place, but it’s only extraordinary because of all of you. You have made our organisation extraordinary.”

Sheffield Hospitals Charity CEO Beth Crackles speaking at the awards

Sheffield Hospitals Charity CEO Beth Crackles also had the opportunity to speak to those present about the work of Sheffield Hospitals Charity, encouraging staff members to reach out. The Christmas appeal for this year was also launched on the evening, as the ‘Sheffield Actually (A Big Christmas Thank You)’ video, featuring artist Pete McKee  was shown to the audience at the awards for its first ever screening. 


Addressing NHS staff at the event, Beth said: “We are delighted to sponsor tonight’s awards… On behalf of all of us here at Sheffield Hospitals Charity, thank you for everything you do.”


Thank you to everyone who made this fantastic event a success this year. 


This year’s winners and nominees were:


Excellence in Patient Care Award

- Amanda Jones - Stroke Nurse Consultant (Winner)

- Nicki Ingram - Patient Information, Children & Young People Specialist Radiographer (Nominee)

- Sheilagh Reid - Consultant Urologist (Nominee)


Innovation Award

- Active Together Team (Winner)

- Haematology CAR-T Team (Nominee)

- STAR-MS Team (Nominee)


Delivery Award

- The Alcohol Care Team (Winner)

- The MRI team (Nominee)

- Dr Steve Kennish (Nominee)


PROUD Volunteer of the Year Award

- David Drabble (Winner)

- Warren Cookson (Nominee)

- Annie D'Assis Fonseca (Nominee)


PROUD Role Model of the Year Award

- Dean Tazzyman, Blood Sciences Lead Laboratory Manager (Winner)

- Dr Becky Green, Senior Clinical Psychologist (Nominee)

- Heather Rylance, Lead Therapist (Nominee)

- Charlotte Hope, Senior Sister (Nominee)

PROUD Team of the Year Award

- Intensive Home Nursing Service (Winner)

- Brearley 4 Team (Nominee)

- Darnall District Nursing Team (Nominee)

- Acute Pain Team (Nominee)


PROUD Individual of the Year Award

- Karen Pryor, Facilities Workforce Lead (Winner)

- Dr Anne Tunbridge, Consultant in Infectious Diseases (Nominee)

- Valerie Parkin, Matron Infectious Diseases (Nominee)


Winner of Winners Award

- The Alcohol Care Team (Winner)