Our NHS staff already provide outstanding care and treatment, but they are also full of brilliant ideas that help to make their service, ward or hospital even better. Each year our charity supports the NHS in Sheffield by making over £2 million pounds of charitable grants to enhance the care and treatment for local patients.

Application forms and guidance 

If you are a Sheffield Teaching Hospitals or Sheffield Health and Social Care employee (or Sheffield University employee with a research project supported by a Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Clinical/ Academic Lead) and would like to apply for funding, then please see below the various pathways available to all staff:

Grant type

Application deadline


Application Form

I want to apply for up to £500 to boost staff morale within my team

Funding window now open (reviewed on a monthly basis)


Complete form B1

Scoping document - Is my idea suitable for charitable funding?

Submit anytime


Complete Form SD1

I want to apply for a grant of £5000 or less and the ward/service has a charitable fund

Apply anytime


Complete Form CFR1

I want to apply for a grant of £5,000 or less but there is no earmarked funds

Only apply during specified funding rounds (see below for details)

SHC Award Application Guidance

Complete Form SHCA1

I want to apply for a grant (excluding research) over £5,000

Apply anytime but please note panel dates/deadlines below

GIP1 Application Guidance

Complete Form GIP1

I have CIT/ BPT approval but would like charitable funding to finance some/all of my project

Apply anytime but please note panel dates/deadlines below


Complete Form SFGIP1

I want to apply for a research project and have identified earmarked funds

Apply anytime


Complete Form RG1

I want to apply for a research grant of £15,000 or less and I do not have access to earmarked funds

This is an annual funding round - date TBC


TBC (coming soon)

I am a nurse and want to apply for nurse study leave (general fund)

Not available 2021/22


I am a member of STH staff and want to apply for study leave/conference costs  (earmarked funds) - Please confirm with two Fund Advisers and a Clinical Director before incurring any costs

 Apply anytime


Complete Form SLEF1

I am a member of staff and want to apply for study leave/conference  costs (general fund)

Apply anytime


Complete Application Form (SL1)

I am a member of staff and I would like reimbursement for study leave (general fund)

Apply anytime


Complete Form SLR


All staff guidance for study leave, conferences & reimbursements (general funds)


Application Guidance Information


SHC Standard Terms and Conditions 


Terms and conditions

Grants over £5000 evaluation form


Evaluation form GE2

Grants under £5000 evaluation form


Evaluation form GE1

    SHC Awards: SHC Awards: Unfortunately the May and October 2020 SHC Awards funding rounds have been suspended due to the pandemic. We are hoping to resume the Awards in May 2021.

    CRIO Research Grants: The CRIO small research grants funding window is now closed. Next funding round TBC.

    Key dates and Contacts

    Grant Investment Panel application deadlines and panel meetings.

    All grant applications with a value of £5,000 must be reviewed by the Grant Investment Panel:

    Application deadline:

    Panel meeting:

    31 December 2020

    25 January 2021

    3 March 2021

    29 March 2021

    7 April 2021 @ 5pm

    7 May 2021 @ 10am-12pm

    10 June 2021 @ 5pm

    9 July 2021 @ 10am-12pm

    11 August 2021 @ 5pm

    10 September @ 10am-12pm

    6 October 2021 @ 5pm

    9 November 2021 @ 10am-12pm

    9 December 2021 @ 5pm

    14 January 2022 @ 10am-12pm

    8 February 2022 @ 5pm

    15 March 2022 @ 10am-12pm

    Here to Help



    Questions concerning applying for a grant (other than study leave/ conferences/course payments)

    [email protected]

    0114 305 2952

    Questions concerning study leave, conferences, course payments

    [email protected]

    0114 271 5366

    Queries concerning grant evaluation and monitoring

    [email protected]

    0114 271 4498