After losing his wife to dementia years before, Alan couldn't believe he was being diagnosed with the disease too

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" When the doctor told me I had Alzheimer’s disease, I couldn’t believe it.

It felt ironic that this was happening to me. My wife Lily had dementia for years before she died, and I’d cared for her. Now I was facing dementia too.

I first knew that something was wrong when I started forgetting simple things. I’d get muddled with days and forget appointments. My daughter, Jackie, noticed it too.

I’ve always enjoyed acting. I was good at remembering my lines – I’d learn them in no time. But one day we were rehearsing and my mind just went blank. I still go along to watch, but I don’t take part.

My life is different now I have dementia. I don’t drive any more, and I rely a lot on my daughter. She does my shopping for me, manages my bills, and sorts out my medicine and my appointments. There’s a lot for her to do, and it isn’t easy for her."

Dementia affects so many people

Alan with his daughter Jackie

"My wife had four kinds of dementia, and it affected her badly. She spent time in hospital and then went into a care home. She didn’t know where she was, and she was distressed and confused. It wasn’t a happy time.

Dementia affects so many people. I know there might be a time in the future when I need to go to hospital. If that happens, I’d like to think I’ll be somewhere that’s designed with people like me in mind.

If you can support the dementia campaign, please do. Your donation will play a big part in making Sheffield hospitals better for local people with dementia like me."

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