With your help, we aim to enhance the patient and family experience by transforming our hospital environments into more welcoming and comfortable spaces and providing arts activities that improve their wellbeing.

We do this by providing over £30,000 every year to the charity funded Arts In Health team at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals who work in a variety of ways such as commissioning local artists to create bespoke pieces that brighten up corridors and waiting rooms, arranging craft workshops for patients with spinal inuries, music sessions for patients with dementia and so much more. By making a donation today you can help us raise enough funds to ensure that fantastic projects like these can continue to benefit our patients.

Charles Clifford Dental Hospital - Paediatrics Department 


This series of artworks were commissioned for the paediatric department of Charles Clifford Dental Hospital to provide a less daunting and enjoyable environment for children receiving treatment.

Patient Activities - Spinal Injuries Centre


The Arts In Health team deliver a varied program of creative activities which helps patients who need to stay in hospital for a long period, patients with dementia or those receiving palliative care. These arts & crafts activities helps to relieve boredom, improve mood and reduce levels of anxiety.

Music sessions


They also organise for a range of professional musicians to come to play on wards. The specialist sessions provide music for patients with cancer  and those with dementia. Music has a calming effect and helps people to feel less anxious. 

Singing and dancing is encouraged and this is enjoyed by patients and staff.

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