The use of water is one of the simplest forms of pain relief available as it has no side effects. It can reduce the length of labour and the need for further pain-relieving drugs in many cases. A water birth is often a calm and gentle birth for mother and baby.

Alison Brodrick, Consultant Midwife

Help us to transform the Jessop Wing and make it even better for local families

Bringing new life into the world is such a special time for families, with your help we can make that time as easy and as comfortable as possible.

Your support will help to transform part of the Jessop Wing by building three new state-of-the-art birthing pool suites, purposely designed to create warm, comfortable and tranquil spaces for families to stay in during the arrival of their little one.

The refurbished rooms will be made complete with fully accessible ergonomic pools, sympathetic décor and dimmable LED lighting to help give parents the most relaxing experience possible.

Having a baby should be a truly wonderful life experience and together we can help to make that happen.

We need £300,000 to fund this vital project that will help to ensure the Jessop Wing continues to be one of the best maternity hospitals in the country.