Over the last 2 years, our hospitals in Sheffield have been under unprecedented levels of pressure during the COVID-19 crisis, but the staff still continued to be there for thousands of us each day. They did not stop caring during this time of need.

Your donations allowed us to fund various items during the pandemic:

- 144 iPad's were provided to facilitate relative/patient 'virtual conversations'. Patients and relatives were able to communicate whilst restrictions on visiting were in place

- Food and drinks were provided for staff working on cohort COVID-19 wards

- 2,000 cotton facemasks were provided to prevent medical masks from being taken home

- Positivity calendars were provided to promote positivity and wellbeing across the hospitals. The calendar offered weekly discounts/giveaways/vouchers

- The patient photo scheme allowed friends and relatives to email photos to a central hub in the hospital where patients can receive the images

- Calm rooms were provided for staff to have a safe space to break away from their clinical area and have a refreshment

- Patient care packages were created to provide patients with items that would usually be brought in by visitors, such as snacks, and toiletries.