Having a private room was brilliant, as it meant I had my own space and privacy. Thanks to charity funding I was able to watch TV when I wanted, in a nicely decorated room, with access to Wi-Fi. I could keep in contact with friends and family via skype which made a huge difference. These kinds of distractions made the experience so much more bearable.

Sarah Fulcher, Patient on Ward O1

With your help, we are able to transform hospital spaces into more welcoming, warm and comfortable environments for patients and their families.

From entire ward refurbishments and renovated day rooms to displays of artwork and photography from local artists, we work with the hospitals Arts In Health team, so that spaces are converted with patient needs in mind, into a relaxing place to stay, which feels more like home than a hospital.

You can read more about how in-patient wards have been converted into comfortable 'home from home' environments here.

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