Jonathan Burton was out rock climbing in the Peak District, when he fell and hit the floor from seven metres high.

Jonathan landed on a solid gritstone slab, breaking five ribs in nine places, squashing the socket of his thigh bone in his pelvis and puncturing his right lung.

Jonathan’s climbing partner called for help and an air ambulance was sent to recover him.

Jonathan said: “I knew I had hurt myself, but I didn’t know how severely. I don’t remember the pain so much, but just being breathless. I first tried to get up and walk away probably due to the adrenalin coursing through my system, fortunately my climbing partner told me to lie down and remain still.

“The news that the helicopter was coming was a great boost to my spirits as I wasn’t looking forward to a long journey to hospital though the traffic.”

A helicopter landed close by and a team of medics stabilised Jonathan and flew him to the accident and emergency department at the Northern General Hospital. A new helipad built right outside the department meant Jonathan was just a short trolley push away from life-saving treatment.

He remained in hospital for fourteen days, where he underwent two operations to fix his elbow and secure his hip fracture.

Jonathan continued: “If I hadn’t been flown into hospital and received the support of the skilled and dedicated NHS staff so quickly, things could have turned out totally different for me. I am not a climber in my twenties, but a climber in my early sixties. The NHS is allowing me to enjoy life fully into my sixties and hopefully beyond.”

The chance of surviving and surviving well for critically ill patients like Jonathan is determined by how quickly they can receive treatment. Every second really does count.

Thanks to our supporters we were able to provide £2 million to build the helipad which has already saved many lives and will save many more in the years to come.

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