We understand that leaving a gift in your Will is a big decision. That’s why we’ve drawn up our legacy promise. If you choose to support Sheffield Hospitals Charity in this very special way, we promise that: 

  • We absolutely recognise that your friends and family come first 
  • We will respect your privacy and your decisions at all times, and will not pass on any details of your Will or other confidential information 
  • We will do our best to help in any way we can, but we will never seek to replace proper legal advice, or put any pressure on your choices 
  • We will handle any gift left to us efficiently, but also with care, sensitivity and respect 
  • We will always apply a gift according to the terms of the Will. Where there is any ambiguity or confusion, we will work with executors and solicitors to ensure that the intentions of the Will are followed as closely as possible 
  • As with every donation we receive, we will use any gift left to us wisely, to achieve the maximum benefit for NHS patients and staff 

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