Two inseparable brothers are taking on the Sheffield 10k to thank doctors for the eldest’s cancer care.

Married postie and dad of one Tyrone Briddon has entered the race to thank city health staff for the care he’s received whilst being treated for stomach and secondary liver cancer.

But Tyrone won’t be alone- as his younger brother Kirk will be keeping him company on the route.

"My diagnosis hit me like a ton of bricks, I felt devastated."

Tyrone said: “I’d been suffering with bloating and indigestion and regular bouts of hiccups, which we all thought would be put down to IBS or a stomach ulcer.

“But after various tests, I was diagnosed with stomach cancer and secondary liver cancer. It hit me like a ton of bricks, I felt devastated. I was also worried for my wife and child and also my family and what would happen to me.

“My treatment plan has been intense. I have just finished six cycles of chemotherapy which has resulted in some shrinkage in all the tumours and my lymph nodes have returned to regular size. I’ll soon be starting a different type of treatment which will hopefully maintain my cancer at its current level.

“I have always been interested in doing the Sheffield 10k but never got round to it and this diagnosis has showed me we need to do things instead of just thinking about them. I want to give something back."

"Everyone is aware of cancer,  but until you’re living it you don’t realise its impact"

Tyrone is taking part in the Sheffield 10k with the support of his brother, Kirk. Kirk has signed up to not only show his personal gratitude for the care Tyrone has received, but to show how proud he is of his brother.

Kirk said: “We are a very close family and no matter what, we never go through anything alone. This was no exception so when Tyrone told me he had signed up for the 10k, which in itself is amazing considering he can get worn out just be being stood for too long.

“Everyone is aware of cancer and how devastating it can be, but until you’re living it you don’t realise just how much of an impact it can have on your life. I will never forget the day when he got is diagnosis as it just didn’t seem real.

“One minute everything is normal and then the next thing your days with a loved one are numbered. You are looking into the realisation that there will come a day soon when they won’t be on the other end of the phone, or a short walk away.

“Tyrone has been so brave, he is getting on with his life to make the most of what he has. He is not defeated by it and doesn’t let him get the better of him. He is focussed on trying to make the future as bright and positive for his wife and son and also all of us.

“His care has been amazing. From the first time he stepped into the hospital for his first consultation, right up until going through all of the treatment. Everything is so well organised and although the days of chemotherapy are long, it’s helped out by the friendly welcoming staff who work there.

“It is a testament to them how happy and positive they can remain knowing what all of these patients are going through. It really does make a difference to Tyrone’s positivity and mind set. The most important thing is their honesty and how they explain everything in a way that keeps him fighting. We couldn’t thank them enough for that.”

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