The Arts in Health team, funded by supporters of Sheffield Hospitals Charity, have helped to lift the spirits of both patients and staff across our hospitals during the challenges brought on by COVID-19.

With changes and restrictions to visiting loved ones, the Arts in Health team have come up with new ways to help keep patients occupied during their stay, as well as looking after the wellbeing of the staff that care for them. This has included:

Art activity packs to provide engaging and stimulating activities for patients. The packs include colouring activities, card-making, puzzles, quizzes and more, with almost 250 packs having been distributed so far. The packs are designed to keep patients occupied, reduce anxiety and improve mood during their stay.

Sympathy cards for ward staff to send to bereaved relatives. Wards are able to send cards to the loved ones of those lost during the COVID-19 pandemic, including forget me not seeds provided by League of Friends.

Art workshops for staff to help their wellbeing. From September, a series of online art workshops will be provided to STH staff, giving a creative outlet to help mental health and wellbeing during the current challenges they face.

We need to provide over £30,000 every year to the charity funded Arts In Health team at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals so that they can commission local artists to create bespoke pieces that brighten up rooms, arrange craft workshops for patients with spinal inuries, host music sessions for patients with dementia and so much more.

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