The partner of a man with a rare and aggressive form of cancer is taking part in two gruelling challenges for Sheffield Hospitals Charity to thank doctors for her loved one’s ongoing care. 

Kevin Brennan, aged 57, from Chesterfield, was diagnosed with Primary Central Nervous System High Grade non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma in November last year, for which he is now undergoing chemotherapy treatment and a stem cell transplant. 

Now, his partner, Sarah Butt, aged 43, is taking part in both the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge and Great North Run to raise funds for the Haematology department at the city’s Royal Hallamshire Hospital, where Kevin is currently being treated. 

Sarah said: “Kevin was working as a self employed gas engineer up until days before his diagnosis. He had not been quite himself for around eight weeks, experiencing tiredness and general apathy. His cognitive function wasn't as sharp as normal and he'd had some headaches and a persistent cough, but the main reason for seeking medical advice came after his legs gave way.

“Following an urgent CT and MRI scan, and brain biopsy, he was diagnosed with Primary Central Nervous System High Grade Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer which in Kevin's case is located in his brain and eyes.  Since the diagnosis our lives have turned round on a sixpence.

“Treatment followed very quickly and Kevin has been receiving chemotherapy, various transfusions and other procedures ever since.  He is now undergoing a stem cell transplant. He is doing well, but has a long recovery journey ahead with many risks and challenges to overcome. 

“I have witnessed the person I love dearly go through so much invasive treatment, with many serious side effects, all of which are lifesaving and necessary. Throughout all of this Kevin has remained strong and positive, not once having a down day or a moan, always smiling and focussed. He is my true hero and inspiration.

“No one wants to see their loved one diagnosed with cancer or any other life-threatening illness. My comfort is sought from Kevin being in the safe hands of staff on the haematology wards at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital.

“Before Kevin's illness I had no idea of the work, research or expertise the haematology team carried out. Kevin has received, and is still receiving the best care anyone could wish for.

“His consultants and stem cell transplant team have been awe inspiring. The compassionate and specialist care offered by the nursing, medical, auxiliary and support staff has been humbling and really is something that needs to be recognised.

“My fundraising will not only support Kevin in his journey, but also to help the clinical team to enhance the ward environment, offering patients and their carers a few creature comforts which NHS funding cannot stretch to.

“Patients with lymphoma spend many hours and days in hospital. Thanks to ongoing donations, there is access to home comforts on the wards, such as televisions, radios and video Skype facilities. These are vital for patients to stay connected with the outside world and most importantly, with their loved ones.

“I have no words to express the thanks and gratitude I feel toward the staff. Taking part in these challenges and raising much needed funds is just a small way of repaying them. To each and every staff member, thank you for caring for the man I love.”

Sarah hopes to raise £1,500 for the Haematology Department by taking part in the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge later this month, and the Great North Run in September.

To donate to Sarah and Kevin, visit Alternatively, to donate directly to enhance the care of patients needing haematology treatment, visit