A festive fundraising appeal for babies, families and staff working tirelessly over the Christmas at the city’s Jessop Wing, has been launched by Sheffield Hospitals Charity.

Hundreds of staff will be working at the Jessop Wing this Christmas, working around the clock to make sure that the region’s babies and their families are as comfortable and as happy as possible in what can be a difficult time of year.

Spearheading the campaign is Ruth Durkin, from Handsworth, whose brave baby, Gabriel, spent more than a month in intensive care over Christmas last year.

Thanks to hospital staff, Gabriel will spend this Christmas at home.

Ruth said: “Gabriel was born at a healthy weight, however he turned blue when he was three minutes old and was rushed to the Neonatal Unit (NNU), where he was put on oxygen. One of his lungs had collapsed, and he also had suspected sepsis so was put on antibiotics.

“Gabriel was in hospital over Christmas but was allowed to come home for four hours on Christmas Day.

“All the babies received a sack full of presents and Father Christmas visited twice. I think the staff thought I was a bit strange as I left a mince pie for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph at the end of Gabriel’s cot! Some of the presents and cards we received were from parents of babies who had previously spent Christmas in NNU.

“Hearing about their children who had fully recovered and knowing that they understood our situation was a huge comfort. James and I are planning to donate a gift and card for the parents and guardians of each baby on the unit this Christmas.

“Whilst Gabriel was on NNU the staff were patient and kind, answered our questions and kept us fully abreast of what was happening. He is absolutely fine and well now, and we are so grateful for the excellent care he received.”

Support the Jessop Wing and its incredible staff this Christmas