A Research Coordinator passionate about her role in the NHS has signed up for a mammoth trek in aid of Sheffield Hospitals Charity’s new staff challenge.

The charity is inviting all staff at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals to take part in the ‘NHS 7/70/700 staff challenge’, a themed contest as part of NHS70, which encourages staff to raise funds for their departments, in their own time.

Lucy Wasinski, who works in the Clinical Research and Innovation Office, is the first to sign up and will take part in the Dig Deep Peak Trails 50 – a 50 mile race through some of the finest trails in the Peak District - in August this year.

"I'm so proud of working for the NHS..."

Lucy said: “I am hugely proud of working for the NHS. It makes an immense difference to so many people’s lives. I feel proud to work in a vast team where we really go the extra mile to treat and care for patients to the highest standard the length and breadth of the country.

“Research is crucial to shaping the NHS and discovering life-saving treatments. Through research and innovation there are constant improvements and breakthroughs in medicine.

Sheffield Hospitals Charity has invested £800,000 to research in the last three years

“I am raising funds for Sheffield Hospitals Charity as in the last three years it has invested an amazing £800,000 into cutting edge medical research looking at the causes, prevention and treatment of illness.

“I thought running 70km would be apt, but I couldn’t find a race that distance, so instead I’ve taken the plunge and signed up for Peak Trails 50. Although this is 50 miles long (80 km), it does have nearly 2700m ascent, which does fit into the challenge theme!

“The organisers say that the route is chosen because of its stunning scenery, but the continued hilly nature of the course earmark this race as a tough one to complete. It does sound amazing – but the route does have steep inclines to high ground which are filling me with some dread.

Every penny helps

“If you’d like to support me by donating to this great cause, I will be very grateful. Every penny will help me keep focussed during the dreaded hill training, and those inevitable moments mid long run when I haven’t eaten anything and just want to sit down and give up!  

“The funds raised for Sheffield Hospitals Charity will be used specifically to support ground-breaking research across Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.”

To donate to Lucy’s cause, visit www.justgiving.com/Lucy-Wasinski1

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