Earlier this week iconic Sheffield Artist, Pete McKee, returned to the Northern General Hospital to give thanks to the staff who cared for him after heart surgery and to officially cut the ribbon on a refurbished theatre admission day room, thanks to funding from Sheffield Hospitals Charity. 

The refurbishment of the room has created an environment for patients to be relaxed and calm before undertaking specialist cardiac surgery and post-surgery it offers them a chance to take a breather away from the ward environment. The project was the idea of Ward Matron Jane Paggett who was passionate about offering a stress-free environment to her patients. Designed to be a home from home by specialist architects Grosvernor Interiors, in collaboration with the hospital estates team. It marks the start of various ambitious enhancement fundraising projects for Sheffield Hospitals Charity. 

During the visit McKee met Chief Nurse, Chris Morley, a range of staff from the ward and those who cared for him during his treatment at the hospital. He was gifted with a surprise birthday cake and the legendary artist presented the team with a copy of his recent painting 'The Handover.'


The painting inspired by a stay on the ward in 2021, following a heart valve replacement, shows a group of nurses in the process of doing a handover from the night shift to the oncoming morning staff.

Pete McKee said

“Every time I meet any nurses it is always humbling experience; they do amazing work and I will always be eternally grateful to them. It is an honour to be asked to repopen this room, I had first-hand experience of using it as a patient. The work done by Sheffield Hospitals Charity is truly amazing and it will enhance the lives of patients for years to come and it is great to see how they support the hospital.

Gareth Aston CEO, of Sheffield Hospitals Charity, said 

“We are delighted that Pete could come and open the room on behalf of the Charity. Even more poignant that it was a space used by Pete when he was in hospital and to see his positive feedback on the changes made to the room. We are committed to transforming as many rooms as possible for the benefit of patients and staff across all of the hospitals.