In January 2022 the Watson Family had their life's turned upside down when Kat suffered a bleed on the brain as a result of a brain tumour. 

In June Kat was taken in to the Hallamshire Hospitals Neuro Unit to have major surgery to remove the bulk of the tumour. The operation was high risk but was a success thanks to the Neuro Surgery team.

Kat is making an amazing recovery and has recently had a scan where she has been given the all clear to be able to fly to Bratislava in April with Nick and their chidlren, where Nick will take on the 42.2KM run around the captial of Slovakia. 

Nick is taking on the challenge in Bratislava so that himself, Kat and the kids can spend some well earned uality time together on holiday after the Marathon has taken place. 

Nick has taken on the fundraising challenge for Neurocare to say thank you to the amazing care they have been shown first hand over the last 12 months. 

Nick, Kat and the family are also planning a charity walk around the Derwent Reservoir to raise extra funds for Neurocare to show their thanks to the Neuro Unit at the Hallamshire Hospital.

To support Nick and family in their fundraising you can do so here -