A kidney care fundraiser is going the extra mile to raise cash for Sheffield Hospitals Charity.

Abby Batchelor has spent two years working alongside kidney patients at the city’s Renal Department in her role as a fundraiser for the charity.

The Northern General based facility treats more than 4,000 people with kidney related diseases each year, prompting Abby to enter the Sheffield Half Marathon in a bid to raise money to enhance the care on offer.

Chronic Kidney Disease lasts throughout the patient's lifetime...

Abby said: “Before I started working at the Renal Department I had very little idea about kidney disease, what it was about or entailed. After speaking with patients and health professionals over the last two years I now realise how long term the disease is and how it affects every aspect of your life.

“Chronic Kidney Disease lasts throughout the patient's lifetime. It can be extremely hard, both physically and emotionally at times, affecting day to day activities, work and social life.

“Some dialysis patients have a sense they’re losing their independence and as a result of their health conditions and having to come to hospital three times a week for treatment, often feel they have a low quality of life.

“It can be difficult to do ‘normal’ things like going to work or exercising, partly because of the time patients have to spend on dialysis but also because the dialysis itself can leave them feeling tired and unwell.

The renal team take great care of patients to ensure that kidney disease doesn’t limit a patient’s life...

“They also have to be careful about what they eat and are often on a restricted fluid intake. It can also be tough to organise going on holiday.

“The renal team take great care of patients to ensure that kidney disease doesn’t limit a patient’s life as much as possible. Sheffield Hospitals Charity has funded so many improvements that have made a real difference to kidney patients including cutting edge research, comfortable chairs for waiting rooms and TV’s for patients to watch whilst on dialysis.

“This will be the first time I've run a half marathon since 2006 when I was much younger and fitter!  I’m raising funds to ensure that the renal team continues to provide world class treatment and that every kidney patient can receive the best possible care.”

 To donate to Abby’s cause, visit www.justgiving.com/fundraising/abby-renal-support.

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