Stephanie Briody has hit the streets for Sheffield Hospitals Charity to thank doctors for her care after overcoming a difficult birth.

Stephanie suffering significant blood loss with her daughter, Imogen, prompting a bout of care on the hospital’s High Dependency Unit.

But after receiving lots of post-birth medical support, she felt strong enough to have another baby - Charlie, who was born two and a half years later, with no complications.

Both Imogen and me were cared for so well...

Stephanie said: “Just over five years ago I was in labour with my first child, Imogen, after a fairly tough pregnancy, having suffered with appendicitis and being monitored due to concerns over early delivery.

“I had hoped the birth would be fairly plain sailing, but it didn’t quite work out that way. After a long labour was I taken into theatre, where Imogen was delivered safely by assisted birth, weighing a healthy 8lb 12oz.

“Afterwards, for reasons out of anybody’s control I lost a lot of blood. The team had to work on stemming the blood flow and avoid having to induce me into a coma, which was successful.

“I don't remember any of this, but my husband, Tim still says that although it was scary to see the amount of people working on me, it was so calm and he knew I would be ok in their capable hands. 

“I spent a couple of days after this in the High Dependency Unit and both Imogen and me were cared for so well. The care continued when I was moved to my own room and was allowed to be continually with my husband or Mum. It was a truly terrifying time for me and my family, but one that was made better by the amazing team at the Jessop Wing.

“Once I returned home I made a full recovery. Due to the nature of my birth, I was supported with counselling and assistance in the preparation for thinking about having more children. I met with my consultant who fully understood what happened and why I shouldn't be scared about having further children if a solid plan was in place for future deliveries.

Every single member of staff that I have met in the last five years at Jessops has shown compassion...

“I fell pregnant again a year and a half later, but unfortunately I found I had miscarried at my 12 week scan. Once again Jessops supported me through a very painful time. 

“A few months later I was back at Jessops again. This pregnancy went smoothly, I was supported again by the Feto Maternal Unit throughout and the birth plan that was put in place for any possible complications was flawless.

“Thankfully this birth was your typical birth, and Charlie was born weighing a whopping 10lb 5oz. I was home by lunch time the next day.

“Every single member of staff that I have met in the last five years at Jessops has shown compassion and has left me with lasting positive memories despite the traumas I have experienced. 

“As a mother of two healthy children I am so eternally grateful for everything that they have done and feel lucky we have this wonderful hospital in my home town.”  

Stephanie raised more than £600 for the Jessop Wing by taking part in the Run for All Sheffield 10k, after finding a passion for running thanks to a running group.

“My love of running has been supported by a running group called stride out Aston and the ladies have been so supportive in training and keeping me motivated! I have found a love for something I never thought I would,” said Stephanie.  

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