Nick and Natasha Hewitt had their world turned upside down when their son Harry was born 14 weeks premature. Harry weighed a tiny 1lb 7oz - he was so small that Nick's wedding ring could fit around Harry's arm. 

Harry is Nick and Natasha's miracle baby, after suffering 11 miscarriages and two failed rounds of IVF the couple looked into adopting and had become approved for adoption when they discovered they were expecting baby Harry. 

Harry was born 14 weeks early - he spent the first three minutes of his life being resuscitated. When Harry fought to take his first breath and has been fighting ever since he has required several types of breathing support and an NG tube for feeding for the 18 weeks he was in the neonatal intensive care unit - and continued to need both the breathing support and feeding tube even after he left the neonatal unit and returned home. Still, Harry has gone from strength to strength and has now been signed off by the respiratory unit and no longer needs the breathing support, or a feeding tube. 

Nick has decided to take on the Sheffield 10K in September, and Natasha and Harry will be doing 5K a day for the whole of August to give back to The Jessop Wing for the amazing care and attention that they gave to the family. 

Nick and Natasha said, "The Jessop Wing staff are nothing short of amazing, without the hospital and the charity Harry would not be alive today and wouldn't have just celebrated his first birthday as a happy healthy little boy."

The Jessop Wing and the staff went above and beyond as always for Nick and Natasha - they let the couple be fully involved with Hary's care and any decisions that they made were supported every step of the way. The couple was also able to stay in the parent's accommodation within the hospital so that they could be with Harry at all hours of the day - this also made taking Harry home less daunting for the family. 

The couple cannot express their gratitude enough for the maternity hospital and how much the little touches from the staff meant - it was little things like Natasha receiving a birthday present wrapped and given by staff from Harry. The couple also utilised the charity-funded VCreate which is an NHS trusted secure video messaging service that helps families stay in touch through their baby's care journey. 

The money raised by the family will be going towards items required to keep babies like Harry alive, from nests for them to sleep in, to top-of-the-range incubators, and apartments for parents who do not live close to the hospital. 

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