Ruth Palmer, whose life is severely restricted by Cystic Fibrosis (CF), has raised hundreds of pounds by taking part in our flagship Walk for Wards event.

Ruth took part in the charity’s annual fundraiser despite regularly waking up in the morning struggling to breathe.

The mum of two says a £1 million charity funded 12-bed in-patient ward at the Northern General Hospital- which she opened herself in 2010- has taken CF care in the region to “another level.”

"Some days I wake up and can barely breathe..."

She said: “I was diagnosed with CF when I was two years old. It didn’t affect my life too much when I was younger, but in the last ten years it has had a daily impact on my life.

“Some days I can wake up and feel on top of the world, which is probably a healthy person’s rubbish, and then other days I can barely breathe.

“I plough the little energy I have into doing the best for my boys, but it’s now taking a huge toll on my body. Just like any parent though I want to put my children first.  

“It’s often hard for me to walk a short distance. So I decided to take part in Walk for Wards, because I feel like I needed to properly challenge myself. All the people who know me understand how difficult is, especially with my reduced lung function, which has dropped from 90 per cent to closer to 50 percent.

"The ward is on another level..."

“That’s why I have regular fortnightly planned stays on the CF Ward to try to keep on top of infections and dips in lung function.

“The ward is on another level and the staff- all of them- from cleaners, support workers, nurses, dieticians, physiotherapists and consultants all help in the resting process. It's as home from home as you can get a hospital room to be.”  

Almost 400 people took part in this year’s Walk for Wards, with the fundraising total expecting to reach £30,000.

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