The grateful family of a baby boy who suffered with life threatening breathing difficulties just after being born is raising funds for Sheffield Hospitals Charity to thank city doctors for his care.

Just hours after he was born, Jobey Baker was diagnosed with meconium aspiration syndrome, which he spent two weeks on the Neonatal Unit (NNU) having treatment for.

To say thank you for saving his life, his mum, Andrea Baker, aged 35, from Crosspool is asking her family and friends to give donations not presents when Jobey turns one at the start of December.

We were able to bring him home before Christmas...

Andrea said: “Giving birth to Jobey was the most incredible experience of my life and a dream come true.  I was lucky enough to experience the most beautiful labour and water birth in our living room at home, and he was born a healthy 7.5lbs.

"This extreme natural high was followed by the worst experience of my life.  Unfortunately it quickly became clear that Jobey was suffering from breathing problems. He was rushed to the Jessop Wing by ambulance, and after a rapid assessment by doctors he was transferred to the NNU.

“We later found out that he had swallowed a large quantity of meconium during his delivery into this world and had meconium aspiration syndrome, a respiratory distress in a newborn due to the presence of meconium in the trachea.

“He was very unwell and his condition was critical at times, relying on a ventilator to take his breaths for him, whilst being heavily sedated. He was on oxygen for the first two weeks of his life.

“I believe that it is difficult for both parents to see your child so poorly, but I think as mum it’s particularly awful as all your hormones and instincts are telling you to care for your child and hold him close.

“It was heart wrenching. We coped by supporting and looking after each other, our family and friends were also a brilliant support during this time.

“Jobey was in hospital for two weeks in total. We were relieved to be able to bring him home just before Christmas. Once he got over the initial critical situation, he made a swift recovery.

“He is now healthy and well, and is the happiest little boy. He is smashing his milestones and started walking and climbing at 9 months!

“The staff in NNU were incredibly compassionate and caring. I remember one nurse pulling me aside on a particularly bad day and embracing me in the biggest cuddle, it meant so much to me. They were always available for reassurance and updates.

“Being there so much over that fortnight, I got to see just how hard they work through the day and night, they really are an amazing team of people. Chris and I cannot thank them enough; they looked after our boy and us so well. We will be forever grateful and we will not forget all they have done for us.”

To donate to Jobey’s fund, visit