Clare Mills Roberts gave birth at just 28 weeks to daughter Florence at Jessop Wing in August 2018. Sadly, after spending 6 weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit and despite everyone’s best efforts, Florence was unable to make it home.

Clare and her family were all so grateful for the dedication and kindness of staff on Jessop Wing during Florence’s short life and that compassion has never been forgotten.

Just over a year later, in November 2019, Clare gave birth to daughter Madeleine on Jessop Wing. Madeleine is now six months old and will be supporting her Mum as she takes on a challenge to pay tribute to all of the staff on Jessop Wing.

Clare, along with her husband, Paul, said: "We will always be grateful for the kindness, care and compassion that all of the amazing staff at Jessops showed me and my family during Florence’s short life and the care she received will never be forgotten. This was replicated when I had Madeleine just over a year later.

 “As you might be able to imagine, the appointments and scans that I had with Madeleine back on Jessop Wing were full of so many mixed emotions and being back there was hard for us, but we received so much support and care by the incredible staff, they helped me no end and I am so grateful for that support in understanding what an anxious time it was for us, in expecting our second daughter whilst still grieving for the loss of Florence."

Clare had planned to take part in our annual Jessops Superheroes event but due to the coronavirus outbreak the event due to take place at Graves Park on Sunday 7 June has had to be cancelled. The charity has now asked participants to be ‘stay at home heroes’ and take part in virtual challenges dressed as their favourite heroes on Sunday 7 June to help raise funds for Sheffield’s maternity hospital who continue to support families during these times and deliver the best care possible.

Clare has committed to climb an incredible 7,120 stairs at her home – the equivalent of climbing Mount Snowdon!

Clare, speaking ahead of the challenge, said: "We were so looking forward to coming together with other families to remember Florence and celebrate the Jessop Wing and, when it was cancelled, we knew we just had to do something!

“I wanted to do my bit and say thank you to all of the superheroes who work on Jessop Wing and it would mean the world if people could support my challenge."

You can join our team of stay at home heroes and support the amazing work of the Jessop Wing by taking on your own challenge. Sign up at