Dementia Appeal

When you're living with dementia the world can feel very different.

Right now, one in four patients across Sheffield hospitals are living with dementia. They can often find hospital stressful and confusing.

That's why we need your help. By helping to create a hospital environment that meets the unique needs of people with dementia, you'll make their experience of hospital so much better - and give them the best chance of going home feeling fit and healthy.

Will you join us, and help make your local hospitals better for people with dementia today?

We've launched our major new appeal to fund improvements across Sheffield Teaching Hospitals that will help patients living with dementia

Our aim is to raise £200,000 in 12 months to kick start our plans to make local hospitals more dementia friendly for patients.

On average there are 400 patients being treated in our hospitals that have dementia

Going into unfamiliar place, like a hospital can be frightening for people with dementia, because they may not be sure what is going on or why they are there. Being away from their family, their home, and the security of a daily routine can cause their dementia symptoms to get worse. If their dementia symptoms get worse, it can become more and more difficult for them to go home.

The vital funds raised will help to ensure patients with dementia receive the best possible care. Physical changes to wards will make them more ‘dementia friendly’ and activities such as arts and music groups and memory sessions will keep them mentally and physically active. Keeping people occupied helps them to feel calmer and more settled.

A mobile dementia café is also being planned, to encourage patients to get out of bed and to socialise so they so they feel happier and less isolated.

David Reynolds, our Executive Director said: “Dementia currently affects one in four patients being treated in Sheffield hospitals and this number is growing as people live longer We have launched our appeal today and are asking local people to support it so we can start making important changes. Changes that will make the experience of going into hospital so much better people living with dementia.”

“When the doctor told me I had Alzheimer’s disease I couldn’t believe it."

Chris Morley, Chief Nurse at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said:

“We probably all know someone who is suffering from dementia and how challenging that can be for the individual but also their family. We do all we can to make a stay in hospital as comfortable as we can but this extra funding would mean we could do even more to create an environment which was designed specifically for patients with dementia. It really will make a huge difference to a group of patients who are often some of the most in need.”

On average there are 400 patients being treated in our hospitals that have dementia. It is the most common condition found in hospitals. We are asking local people in Sheffield to back the Dementia Appeal, so that working in partnership with the NHS improvements can begin to be made.

Improvements that will help local people such as Alan Frith, 85 from Wincobank who has dementia.

Alan and his daughter Jackie

Alan explained: “When the doctor told me I had Alzheimer’s disease I couldn’t believe it. It felt ironic that this was happening to me. My wife Lily had dementia for years and I’d cared for her.

Dementia affects so many people. I know there might be a time in the future when I need to go to hospital. If that happens, I’d like to think I’ll be somewhere that’s designed with people like me in mind.”

Find out more about how you can support our dementia appeal

Published 13th June 2019