We want to say thank you. These past few weeks have been challenging for everybody, none more so than for our incredible NHS. But thanks to your unbelievable support, we have been able to give our hospitals and their staff the support that they have needed at this time.
It is now more than two months since we vowed to stand shoulder to shoulder with our NHS - and we meant it. That is why we have invested every penny that you have donated into our hospitals.

Our Chairman, Adrian, wanted to send you this message to let you know how much your help is appreciated:

But there is still more to do. We want to show you just how we have spent your money and how any more donations that you are able to give will continue to make a difference.

Please continue to support your local hospitals.

You have helped to provide:

A £30,000 grant to the hospitals' 'Staff Health and Wellbeing' service, ensuring that staff have access to the additional support that they need during this time;

The creation of CALM rooms right across the hospitals, giving staff the safe, quiet space that they need when things get tough or when they are on a break from a busy shift;

A new 'Keep in touch' service', allowing patients to remain in contact with their loved ones during their stay in hospital;

Treat and comfort packs for staff throughout the hospitals, including food and drinks as well as toiletries so that staff can freshen up in between busy shifts and demonstrate how appreciated they are;

Patient comfort packs, ensuring that patients are comfortable and rewarded during their stay;

Radios that have gone right around the hospitals, ensuring that morale is kept as high as possible at all times.

The reality is that we could go on. We have been able to do so much thanks to your generosity. It has been so incredible to see the faces of our truly remarkable NHS staff when they realise how appreciated they are.

Please help make the lives of amazing NHS staff that little bit easier.

With your help, we can do even more.

Our job, as a hopsitals charity, is to continue to support of hospitals, their staff and our amazing NHS whenever they need it.

We are proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with our hospitals in Sheffield, but they still need our help.

NHS staff are still working tirelessly to care for patients and it is only right that we continue to give them the love and support they need and deserve.

That is why we will continue to spend your money wisely, on the things that make the biggest difference to our hospitals, their staff and all patients.

Help us to say thank you for all that the NHS is doing.

We have seen a truly remarkable effort from everyone over the past few weeks, and we could not be more grateful. We want to do even more to support our NHS heroes.

Your help means more than ever.