The care delivered by the staff at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals is already outstanding. Your support allows us to build on that care and enable staff to deliver an enhanced patient and family experience.

Below is just one of the many ways you have supported patients and their families…

Empowering stroke survivors and their families

Your generosity has funded two activity coordinators, therapists Christine and Mags, to support patients and their families through their rehabilitation following a stroke. The brand new roles compliment the specialist care already provided to offer an enhanced patient and family rehabilitation programme over and above what the NHS can deliver as standard.

Without charity funding our roles would not exist. We have seen what a difference these groups make; many patients citing a real transformation in their mood, feeling uplifted by the end of the session.

Christine Cryan, Stroke Rehabilitation Therapist

Christine and Mags work at the Stroke Pathway Assessment and Rehabilitation Centre delivering a range of beneficial activities for stroke survivors that tackle the physical, emotional and social challenges they face following a stroke.

Patients are invited to get involved with social groups, art and music therapy, peer support groups and learn new hobbies. Participation in these activities increases confidence and self-worth—something which often deteriorates after having a stroke—and empowers patients by, giving them the skills to increase their quality of their life and achieve personal goals.

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