Sarah Fulcher was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia after suffering repeated bouts of tonsillitis and being constantly tired.

Sarah underwent a successful stem cell transplant at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital to help fight her cancer.

Following her treatment, Sarah spent months in one of the haematology isolation rooms.

Sarah said: “I was initially in hospital for four months, where I had to remain in isolation due to the risk of picking up an infection. This was an incredibly lonely time, and while it is of the utmost importance during treatment, it is also vital that you still have the support network of your friends and family around you.

“Having a private room was brilliant, as it meant I had my own space and privacy. I could relax more easily and I didn't have to feel self-conscious about being on a ward with other patients. It also meant I could have visitors at any time for as long as I needed. One of my friends would come over every week and we’d watch a film afternoon together, this really helped, it made me feel like everything was ok.

“I had access to Wi-Fi which meant I could keep in contact with friends and family via skype which made a huge difference. These kinds of distractions made the experience so much more bearable.”

Thanks to our supporters we were able to refurbish eleven en-suite private rooms to provide a home from home environment and make an incredibly difficult time a little bit easier for patients like Sarah.

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