Good health is priceless – but NHS funds are limited.

The staff at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals do incredible work in diagnosing, treating and looking after patients. But resources are stretched.

By donating to Sheffield Hospitals Charity, you will enable us to fund the changes that will ensure a level of care over and above what the NHS can afford – as we believe every patient deserves.

Where does the money go?

It is the doctors and nurses delivering care who know where the funds you raise will have the greatest impact.

By listening to what they say their patients need and how the highest level of care can best be delivered, we ensure that every penny you contribute delivers the maximum impact to the people who need it most.

Charity funds are vital to help people with kidney problems get on with their lives. They make the care we provide better and help us continue to work to understand the diseases and problems of the conditions for future patients.

Sarah Jenkins, Clinical lead at Sheffield Kidney Institute

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