Good health is priceless – but NHS funds are limited

The staff at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals do incredible work in diagnosing, treating and looking after patients. But resources are stretched, and often they have to focus on providing the basics.

By donating to Sheffield Hospitals Charity, you will enable us to fund the changes that will ensure a level of care beyond the basics – as every patient deserves.

Where does the money go?

It is the doctors and nurses on the ground who know where the funds you raise will have the greatest impact. NHS staff are able to submit an application to Sheffield Hospitals Charity for funding in areas where they believe our support would make the biggest difference.

By listening to what they say their patients need and how the highest level of care can best be delivered, we ensure that every penny you contribute delivers the maximum impact to the people who need it most.

Charity funds are vital to help people with kidney problems get on with their lives, make the care we provide better and continue to work to understand the diseases and problems of the conditions for the future

Sarah Jenkins, Clinical lead at Sheffield Kidney Institute

What are the benefits?

Comfortable caring: NHS healthcare staff do an amazing job, but limited resources mean their time and funds need to be focused in the most critical areas. Enhancing this care with little extras, though, can make a huge difference to the wellbeing of an individual – such as specialist reclining chairs that help kidney patients feel more comfortable and relaxed while undergoing dialysis. That's where we come in.

  • Your support can transform the experience of patients, beyond the clinical

Life at the tight end: we are living longer, but an ageing population puts more pressure on the NHS. As budgets get squeezed, our charity can help ease the pressure and ensure nobody misses out on the best care and treatment.

  • Your donation could fund additional training, upgraded equipment and refurbishment of hospital areas

The bigger picture: limited funds mean the NHS has to focus on getting the patient better. But an illness has a huge impact on friends and family, too, and often there’s not enough money to ensure they get the support they need. For parents of a premature child, for example, not being able to stay near their newborn makes a difficult situation even tougher.

  • Your generosity might provide overnight accommodation and the home comforts that can help families cope

Keeping up with the future: new treatments and equipment such as scanners are regularly becoming available, but the NHS budget for bringing in new technology is limited and can take time to process. Every patient deserves the most up-to-date care as soon as it can be made available, so we help fund the technology that might otherwise be impossible – or too late to help.

  • Your kindness could provide groundbreaking treatment to save patients' lives

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