One of the lasting memories I have of the Unit is the enormous effort staff will go to. They do everything they can to ensure you are physically comfortable, but they also recognise that keeping your mind occupied is really important and they always take time out to chat to you

Rachel, spinal injuries patient

Support patients in Sheffield with your legacy

Nobody can be sure what the future holds, but making a will can give you peace of mind by knowing your wishes will be respected when you're gone. It is one of the most important documents you will ever write and the only way to be sure that your wishes are followed when you are no longer here. It also provides an opportunity for you to leave a lasting legacy to the people and things you really care about.

Naturally your first priority will be to look after your loved ones, but you may find that there is room to leave a gift to charity. You can choose to leave a general gift and this will be used where NHS staff tell us where they believe it is needed the most or you can support a specific service or ward areas that means something special to you.

  • Let us know if you are enhancing the care of Sheffield patients with a gift in your will

How do I include Sheffield Hospitals Charity in my will?

Leaving a gift in your will today costs you nothing now, but will make a difference by funding improvements that will help patients feel even better in the future. 

We recommend you use a solicitor to ensure your will is valid, whether creating one for the first time or adding a codicil (a legal amendment to an existing will). If you don’t already have one simply visit The Law Society websiteYou or your solicitor will need get in touch with us here at the charity.

Keep your eyes open for our Will Month too where local partnering solicitors donate their time, and those making their will are able to make a small donation to the charity instead of paying for a will.

Our promise to you:

  • We will respect your privacy and your decisions at all times and will not pass on any details of your will or other confidential information
  • We will do our best to help in any way we can, but we will never seek to replace proper legal advice, or put any pressure on your choices
  • We will handle any gift left to us efficiently, but also with care, sensitivity and respect
  • We will always apply a gift according to the terms of the will; where there is any ambiguity or confusion, we will work with executors and solicitors to ensure that the intentions of the will are followed as closely as possible
  • As with all donations, we will seek to apply any gift left to us so as to achieve the maximum benefit for NHS patients and staff

Thank you!