Sheffield Actually (A Big Christmas Thank You)

Watch Pete McKee starring in a heartfelt parody of a well-known Christmas film.

Be part of Sheffield's Big Christmas Thank You. Send your personal message to Sheffield's NHS team and let them know how much you appreciate everything they do. A few kind words can make a big difference!

A personal message from Pete McKee

My name is Pete McKee. I’m a proud Sheffield resident, an artist and a very grateful NHS patient.

Today, I want to ask you to join me in sending a very special Christmas thank you to the NHS teams across Sheffield Teaching Hospitals who deliver such incredible care to all of us – often in very difficult circumstances.

A few years ago, I found myself on the Chesterman Wing of the Northern General getting an artificial heart valve fitted. It was a tough time but what got me through it all was the staff. From the surgeons to the cleaners, everyone was just so dedicated, compassionate and professional.

I’ll be eternally grateful to that team and to the whole of the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS team. And I hope that today you’ll join me in saying a huge thank you to them all.

It only takes a moment so please send your message now.

You don’t have to write anything complicated. I’m not asking for a poem or an essay! But I hope you’ll write something and let the team know we’re thinking of them this Christmas.

When times are tough, a few kind words can make a huge difference. And the same is true of your generous support for Sheffield Hospitals Charity.

I’m not going to get all political but government funding for the NHS is… well let’s just say it’s never enough! There’s no money for things like comfy chairs. Or massage therapy for terminally ill patients. Or – something close to my heart – art supplies to keep patients occupied and active. They’re not ‘essential’, but they make such a difference. And that’s why your support is so important.

So, if you can, consider making a donation when you share your thank you  and help Sheffield Hospitals Charity to provide the extras that make life more bearable and happier for patients and staff alike.

I wish you and your family a happy, healthy and peaceful Christmas.

Best Wishes,
Pete McKee