This Christmas will be like no other, covid remains, the cost-of-living crisis is taking hold and there is a world of uncertainty around us all. Imagine spending Christmas in the hospital, with no one to exchange a gift with or have a comforting hug from a loved one. 

Over 2,500 older people will be in Sheffield Hospitals this festive season, and many will be wishing they were at home surrounded by the things and people they care for and know so well. 

Our Christmas Appeal hopes to make their lives a little brighter, with a range of help and assistance to reduce the pain of loneliness and isolation. 

It's like a light is switched back on - the change is so amazing to watch with the dementia activities funded by SHC

Louise Page - Lead Dementia Practitioner funded by Sheffield Hospitals Charity

Over the last year, more than 20,500 patients over 70 have been admitted for treatment to the hospital within Sheffield. This year we want to go one step further and see the people of Sheffield rally around our elderly patients to show them they are truly there for them when they need it the most. 

Please help us achieve our wish to spread a little joy over Christmas... 

Some of our older patients will struggle to keep warm and stay comforted as the weather turns cold. Many have no visitors on Christmas day and will be feeling lonely during the festive season, worrying about what the future will bring

Please help us to give them a special treat to let them know someone is thinking of them. Your donation will help elderly patients in your local hospitals to feel warm and cared for by funding hats, gloves and cosy blankets. A festive present to let them know you care. 

A donation of £10 could help an elderly patient to wrap up warm this Christmas. 

For many elderly people, the closest friend they have is the familiar voice on the radio. Listening to a favourite show is the highlight of their day and takes away feelings of loneliness and isolation. Music carries them away to another place filled with joy and nostalgia. 

Music and conversation can be all that is needed to lift spirits. This Christmas we want your help so that our elderly patients can be offered the chance to be transported through the music and conversation of their favourite station. 

A donation of £25 will help us to purchase a personal radio for an elderly patient to reduce feelings of isolation 

Not all of our older patients come into the hospital with everything that they need. For many, their stay is often longer than expected and some are rushed in through A & E with no belongings. Some patients sadly have no visitors to bring in the home essentials that keep them feeling like themselves. 

Helping a patient to style their hair, shave their beard or clean their teeth are all ways staff and carers help older patients to feel better during their time in the hospital. 

We want our older patients to look like 'themselves' when they see their reflection and to maintain whatever independence they can. Sometimes little things like a nice smelling soap, a hair comb, a new toothbrush and a washcloth are all that are needed to make someone feel fresh and ready to face the day. 

A donation of £50 could provide a 'Ward Essentials Box' to help patients feel comfortable, maintain independence and provide a 'sense of self when they look in the mirror 

Living with dementia is incredibly scary and isolating, taking its toll on families and caregivers too. With one in four patients in Sheffield Teaching Hospitals diagnosed with dementia, the hospitals can be a very confusing place making them feel anxious, agitated and alone. 

You can help bring a smile to patients coping with dementia this Christmas by giving them access to mood-boosting activities and coordinators. Whether it is conquering boredom or sparking up a conversation with caregivers, simple activities such as jigsaws, dementia fidget toys and reminiscence cards can enhance lives in so many ways. 

A donation of £100 could buy a special activity pack or co-ordinator for a ward caring for patients living with dementia, helping to conquer boredom and to spark moments of recognition and calm

One of the hardest things about spending time in the hospital is being away from family and loved ones. The pain of being separated can be unbearable but with your help, we can fund interactive tablets to help elderly patients and their families stay in touch 

With the help of our amazing volunteers and charity-funded staff, senior patients easily adapt to using the new technology, exchanging messages and video calls with the people who care about them the most. Just a call from someone you love can be all you need to feel more positive and less alone on Christmas morning and throughout their time in the hospital 

A donation of £250 could fund an interactive tablet to help an elderly patient to have that much-needed chat with their family, sharing stories, sending love and brightening everyone's day. 

Together, let's bring more smiles to our elderly patients in the hospital over Christmas. 

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