Once you've read and understood our guidelines, select the correct grant application form from the options below and get started!

I want to apply for a grant of £5,000 or less and the ward/service has a charitable fund  Apply anytime - Complete Form CFR1
I want to apply for a grant of £5,000 or less but there are no earmarked funds Only apply during specified funding rounds (see below for details)  Complete Form SHCA1
I want to apply for a grant (excluding research) over £5,000 Apply anytime  GIP1 Application Guidance Complete Form GIP1
I have CIT / BPT approval but would like charitable funding to finance some/all of my project  Apply anytime Complete Form SFGIP1
I want to apply for a research project and have identified earmarked funds Apply anytime Complete Form RG1
 I am a nurse and want to apply for nurse study leave (general fund)  Not available 2022/23 
I am a member of STH staff and want to apply for study leave/conference costs 
(earmarked funds) - Please confirm with two Fund Advisors and a Clinical Director before incurring any costs 
Apply anytime Complete Form SLEF1
I am a member of staff and want to apply or study leave/conference costs 
(general fund) 
Apply anytime Complete Application Form (SL1)
I am a member of staff and I would like reimbursement for study leave (general fund
Apply anytime Complete Form SLR
All staff guidance for study leave, conferences and reimbursements   Application Guidance Information
SHC Standard Terms and Conditions   Terms and Conditions 
I have an invoice from a supplier that needs paying Complete Invoice Form CFR1
I would like reimbursement of an item(s) I have paid for from earmarked funds

Complete Form CFR1 and

Staff Expense Form