Neurocare joined forces with Sheffield Hospitals Charity back in 2018. Since then we’ve been operating as two separate charities.

It has become increasingly difficult for us to run both charities side by side and with limited resources we don’t believe it’s best use of charitable funds to continue working in this way.

To keep our costs down and to allow us to focus on a single strategy supporting patients and staff across Sheffield Teaching Hospitals we will operate under one brand – Sheffield Hospitals Charity.

How did you come to this decision?

We analysed the funds that Sheffield Hospitals Charity and Neurocare hold which are (legally) restricted for use across neurology projects. We found that Neurocare’s income isn’t sufficient to sustain it as a separate charity beyond next year.

We asked Neurocare supporters if they would continue to support all areas of neuro across Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Trust (100%* said yes) and if they’d continue to support neuro projects without the Neurocare brand (70%* said yes).

There’s so much ground-breaking neuro work happening right here in Sheffield that we want to be able to support it in a big way. We’ve looked at how we can retain the best parts of Neurocare and use Sheffield Hospitals Charity as a bigger charity to champion neurology as a specialism.


How can I be sure that my donations will go to neurology related projects?

Wherever our fundraising materials say we are raising money for a specific project, we are legally obliged to restrict those donations to that project. Equally, if you make a donation (e.g. via our website) you can tell us that you’d like your money to go towards neurology and we will ensure it is restricted to neurology. We have aways had well established systems and process in place to restrict supporter donations.


Neurocare is a loved brand, why are you changing it?

We love it too, so we’re keeping the bits that are working well, including its two fundraising events (the Golf Day and Headstart) and the £100k annual research round. Although we’re dropping the logo, we’re fully committed to what Neurocare was set up to do – and we’re ensuring that our plans and people are in place to support neurology and neurosciences in the most effective way.


Neurocare has a real community feel – will this be lost?

We hope that through our neuro specific campaigns, we’ll bring more people affected by neurological conditions, and their friends and families into the Sheffield Hospitals Charity community. As a valued supporter, or someone interested in hearing more about how we are supporting neurology across Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, you’ll be invited to our neuro-led events and we’re planning one now for next year!

What about events like Headstart and the Golf Day?

These events will continue annually, with all fundraising restricted to neurology projects across Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. In fact, we’d love to grow these events so anything you can do to help us with that would be fantastic. Headstart 5k and 10k event at Rother Valley Country Park will take place on Sunday 19 May 2024. And our annual Hallamshire Golf Day – sponsored IFM Insurance – will be back on Friday 7 June 2024.


What will happen to my regular donation?

For many supporters, their regular donation will not be affected by these changes. Regular donations previously made to Neurocare will still be ringfenced to fund neurology-focussed projects across Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Who can I speak to for more information about this?

For fundraising and events questions or further information please email our Community Fundraising and Events Manager Freya Kingswood: [email protected]

For questions about monthly gifts, please contact our Individual Giving and Legacies Manager Liz Hodson: [email protected]

You can also email our CEO Beth Crackles via [email protected] in the first instance.

*Source: Neurocare Supporter Feedback Survey 2023