Patients arriving for appointments at Sexual Health Sheffield will be welcomed by artworks by an internationally renowned graphic artist, thanks to Sheffield Hospitals Charity donations and the work of the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals’ Arts in Health team.

The detailed depictions of iconic places within Sheffield were paid for by the charity to help the service based at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital put patients at ease and soften the clinical feel. 

The artist behind the prints, George Law, says his own childhood experiences of time spent in hospital waiting rooms helped to inspire his illustrations, which he says add a more positive ambience to the environment. 

George said: “My younger sister had to spend a lot of her early years in hospital and subsequently I was aware of how my sister and parents felt at the time. From an early age I wanted to create artworks for these spaces to entertain and distract parents and children and take their minds off sad or anxious feelings. 

“A lot of my mural artworks are fun and full of distracting little details. The artwork is bold and intriguing for the viewer rather than just decorative. I want my work to be memorable and provoke conversations.

“For Sexual Health Sheffield, this concept has been expanded with relevance to adults. This helps to ensure that the communal areas around the clinic help patients feel at ease and keep them interested and occupied.”

Sexual Health Sheffield is an NHS service provided by Sheffield Teaching Hospitals which delivers a welcoming and confidential service to people of all ages.

Services available are screening and treatment of sexually transmitted infections and HIV, access to a wide range of contraception methods including vasectomy, pregnancy testing and advice. It also has a major role in prevention of sexually transmitted infections through vaccinations and the HIV PreP Impact Research study.

Anthony Bains, Sexual Health Improvement Specialist at Sexual Health Sheffield, said: “We commissioned George to create these prints as we want to ensure that the clinic is a bright, friendly and welcoming environment for all patients and particularly for young people who may be feeling anxious about attending the service.

“These bright and vibrant works are displayed in a prominent position as patients arrive at the clinic, before people enter the main reception and in the clinic’s waiting area. They help to soften the ‘clinical’ feel of the service whilst maintaining the professional environment that the NHS is renowned for.

“We are extremely grateful to supporters of Sheffield Hospitals Charity, thanks to them funding has been made available to help improve the clinic environment and patient experience.” 

To donate to Arts in Health visit, email [email protected]  or phone 0114 226 7351.