A new mission to double the amount of money that we raise for Sheffield's hospitals has inspired a big change in our look and feel to reflect our big ambitions.

We hope the fresh new look will help to make it easier for our supporters to know what they are backing and where their money is going.

Our new logo deliberately combines Sheffield's famed seven hills with the star of life - highlighting the link between the our work and the local people we support.

Our Executive Director David Reynolds, said: “The NHS in Sheffield is amazing and manages to continue delivering high quality care on a daily basis.

“However there will always be room for improvement in areas that are outside the scope of NHS funding. This is where the charity can help, by funding projects that ensure every patient receives world class care at the time they need it.

“With the support of local people and businesses our challenge is to support even more projects and help even more patients. For this reason we have set ourselves an ambitious target of doubling the amount of money we raise from £2.5m per year to over £5.6m over the next five years – because we firmly believe the people of Sheffield deserve the very best.

“We’ve changed the way we look and have introduced a new logo to support this journey, to make it obvious who we are and what we do so that people can identify with us easily. 

“We want people to know that by supporting Sheffield Hospitals Charity they can make a real and lasting difference to the healthcare of people being treated in Sheffield today and for future generations.”

We firmly believe the people of Sheffield deserve the very best...

We supports Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, which is one of the UK’s biggest, busiest and most successful NHS Foundation Trusts.

It provides a complete range of hospital and community services for the people of Sheffield, as well as specialist care for patients from further afield. The Trust is also recognised internationally for its work in neurosciences, spinal injuries, renal, cancer, transplantation, neurosciences and orthopaedics.

With the generous support and hard work of its donors and fundraisers, we are able to invest millions of pounds a year in funding improvements, such as the introduction of state of the art equipment, pioneering research, patient and family support, buildings and people.

We will be launching the rebrand this month, introducing new material over the following quarter and new hospital signage over the coming year.

 “It is highly likely that at some point the services provided by Sheffield Teaching Hospitals will be of benefit to every individual who lives in Sheffield, either for them directly or through their friends and relatives.

“This new fresh brand will help people to recognise this and to join us in our mission to keep improving care for everyone,” David added.

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