Sheffield Hospitals Charity has funded enhancements to the newly opened Patient Discharge Lounge at the Northern General Hospital.

The Lounge which re opened to patients on Monday 4th December has been specifically designed to look and feel less clinical, providing a warm and welcoming space for patients and their relatives before leaving the hospital following treatment.

The project has resulted in a much larger, purpose-built lounge giving a closer to home feeling for patients.

The Discharge Lounge is easily accessible for ambulances, taxis and patients’ relatives. It aims to facilitate quicker discharges from ward areas and support organisational flow which will allow new patients to be moved to their ward areas faster. 

Thanks to the Charity the room has the addition of LED ceiling panels featuring sky scape and greenery, upgraded furniture, and media units to help keep patients entertained whilst waiting to go home. Special bays have been created to accommodate patients coming into the area in beds. Charity branding has added a splash of colour, uplifting the space.

Hayley Jarvis, Lead Nurse for Clinical Operations says;  

“The Discharge Lounge project is something that we are extremely proud of. We were keen to create a space that feels less clinical and a step closer to home for our patients. 

Working alongside the charity to add the finishing touches has absolutely transformed the space, with stunning LED ceiling panels to create a calm trolley environment, to media walls and a range of furniture to suit individual preferences. 

The support we have received has been phenomenal and exceeded our expectations for the environment. We're so proud to be relocated in our Lounge in the beautiful new environment we call home and to share it with our patients and their relatives here at STH.”