Yorkshire 4x4 Response is a volunteer group who use their vehicles to assist the community in times of need.

The group are on hand to support Category 1 and Category 2 responders including Police, Ambulance and local NHS services and come into their own particularly when the weather takes a turn. They help NHS staff to get to and from the hospitals, into community settings and have even transported patients and equipment. They go out in all conditions whether it’s heavy snowfall, flooding or even scorching heatwaves, enabling people like our NHS teams to continue functioning and caring for people.

The team jumped at the chance to join forces with Sheffield Hospitals Charity to help facilitate the Christmas Tree Recycling scheme.

In return for a donation, our team of volunteers, with the help of Yorkshire 4x4 Response will collect and recycle real Christmas trees in January.

All of the trees collected will be recycled and reused within Sheffield helping the environment and the local community too. The chippings will be used for cattle bedding at places like Wortley Wagu, in local allotments and for pathways across the City.

Yorkshire 4 x 4 Response will receive 15% of monies raised after costs from the scheme.

Anyone interested in volunteering their time to help Yorkshire 4X4 Response Group can go to Join Us – Yorkshire 4×4 Response (yr4x4r.com)

To book your Christmas Tree collection click here Register Tree (just-helping.org.uk)