Dementia Appeal

When you're living with dementia the world can feel very different.

Right now, one in four patients across Sheffield hospitals are living with dementia. They can often find hospital stressful and confusing.

That's why we need your help. By helping to create a hospital environment that meets the unique needs of people with dementia, you'll make their experience of hospital so much better - and give them the best chance of going home feeling fit and healthy.

Will you join us, and help make your local hospitals better for people with dementia today?

When you're living with dementia, the world can feel very different

We're proud of the care and treatment that people with dementia receive across Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. But together there are steps that we can take to make the time they spend in hospital as comfortable as possible and give them the best chance of returning home feeling fit and healthy.

These changes are above and beyond what the NHS can provide, but will make a real difference to patients lives.

We set a goal of raising £25,000 by 19th July - and thanks to the generosity of local people we have now reached that. But we wont stop there. We now want to raise £200,000 this year so that we can take the important steps towards improving the hospital environment for people living with dementia right away.

That’s where you come in.

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By making a donation to our Dementia Appeal today you will...

Make a lasting difference to local people like Alan

Alan’s lived in Sheffield all of his life. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease last year, after losing his wife to the disease too. Your support will help local people like him and his daughter Jackie when they need it the most.

“Dementia affects so many people. I know there might be a time in the future when I need to go to hospital. If that happens, I’d like to think I’ll be somewhere that’s designed with people like me in mind. Your support will play a big part in making  hospitals in Sheffield better for local people with dementia, like me.”

Alan Frith, Wincobank

Bring happiness to hospital wards

Nearly half of all people with dementia experience symptoms of depression. In hospital, away from their homes and families, many more feel lonely, anxious and sad.

You’ll bring a smile to patients’ faces by giving them access to mood-boosting activities. Your support will give a person with dementia access to arts and music sessions, help them socialise over tea and cake at mobile dementia cafes, and even provide a regular visit from a therapy dog. You’ll really lift patients’ spirits, helping them feel happy and relaxed in hospital.

Help patients feel independent and confident

When you're living with dementia, the world can feel very different. Your support will help develop hospital spaces specifically designed around the needs of people with dementia. You’ll give them the confidence to carry on independently, and help ensure they don’t lose their ability to care for themselves when they’re ready to go home.

Simple changes to hospital wards such as colour coding bed bays to stop people getting lost or replacing signs with pictures instead of words can make a huge difference to how a person with dementia navigates their new environment.

Enable staff to provide the best possible care

Having a greater understanding of the unique needs of patients with dementia will mean that hospital staff are able to support them better. By backing the appeal you will be helping to provide enhanced training in addition to what is already provided as part of their role.

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