Important Changes to Neurocare

Neurocare joined forces with Sheffield Hospitals Charity back in 2018. Since then we’ve been operating as two separate charities.

It has become increasingly difficult for us to run both charities side by side and with limited resources we don’t believe it’s best use of charitable funds to continue working in this way.

To keep our costs down and to allow us to focus on a single strategy supporting patients and staff across Sheffield Teaching Hospitals we will operate under one brand – Sheffield Hospitals Charity.

What does this mean?

Our work with neurology and neurosciences will remain a high priority for Sheffield Hospitals Charity. We already fund significant neurology-led projects across Sheffield Teaching Hospitals that sit outside of our Neurocare funding. With consolidated efforts we will have much more impact.

All donations that are given to support neurology and neurosciences are and will continue to be restricted solely for this purpose.

We are planning to launch a neuro-led campaign in 2024. Right now, Sheffield Hospitals Charity is in the process of funding ward improvements and an outdoor neuro rehabilitation space at Osborn 4 at the Northern General Hospital. We are also conducting a research round which will allow us to grant £100,000 before the end of January 2024 to neurological research here in Sheffield.

As we will be operating as a single charity, the Neurocare brand will cease to exist. This means that the Neurocare website and the Neurocare social pages will close from the end of Jan 2024.

Your support of our neurology focussed work is really valued and we would love that to continue. You can keep up to date with all our work by visiting the Sheffield Hospitals Charity website  and by following our social media channels. You’ll find updates on any future neurology-led campaigns and projects here, as well as the other important work we do.

Thank you for your ongoing support, together we can make the biggest difference.

You can find FAQs relating to our decision by clicking on the link below:

Neuocare changes FAQs