Lauren Misiukanis is taking on two of Sheffield Hospitals Charity’s flagship events to thank staff at the Jessop Wing for saving her newborn baby’s life.

Lauren was cared for by staff after developing pre-eclampsia and a potentially serious liver disorder at 35 weeks gestation. She gave birth just two weeks later, but endured a terrifying ordeal as baby Harry was rushed into intensive care suffering from suspected sepsis just hours into his life.

Everything was going well...

She said: “Harry was our second pregnancy, I sadly miscarried my first baby at 11 weeks, so my husband, Ben and I were thrilled when I fell pregnant again.

“Apart from a complication at 20 weeks which was not found to be anything serious, everything was going well. 

Then at 35 weeks gestation I was diagnosed with Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (ICP) - a potentially serious liver disorder that can develop in pregnancy and pre-eclampsia - a disorder of pregnancy characterised by the onset of high blood pressure.

Suspected sepsis

“After discussing my diagnosis with a doctor we were advised to have an induction at 37 weeks. Harry arrived on 20 April 2017, three weeks early, weighing 5lb 3oz. We had a precious couple of hours all together after the delivery and all was calm and blissful until Ben noticed that Harry had turned a strange blueish colour.

“The staff rushed to get help and then suddenly the room seemed to be full of people. Harry was quickly taken away to the Neonatal Unit (NNU) where antibiotics were administered for suspected sepsis. It was horrendous.

“Thankfully the antibiotics worked well. Harry was then moved upstairs in a special cot with lamps and was looked after by us and a team of wonderful special care nurses.

The care we received at the Jessop Wing was exemplary

“Harry, Ben and I are now all doing very well. The care we received at the Jessop Wing was exemplary. Everyone we met was a credit to the NHS. Ben and I are blessed with a happy, healthy little boy who we are certain wouldn't have been here had it not been for the dedication of the staff.

“We wanted to raise funds to say thank you, so took part in Jessops Superheroes earlier this year. This was a very special moment for us as a family. We wanted to mark how far we have come as a family and know it will become an annual event for us.

“We are now planning to take part in the Walk for Wards event to raise more funds. Raising money for the hospital is a long-term goal for us, though we can never repay those staff for what they have done for our family and countless others.”

Walk for Wards is a 5k or 10k sponsored walk at the Longshaw Estate in the Peak District on Sunday 9 September 2018 from 9.30am. There is a minimum sponsorship of £15 per person. 

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