Dementia Appeal

When you're living with dementia the world can feel very different.

Right now, one in four patients across Sheffield hospitals are living with dementia. They can often find hospital stressful and confusing.

That's why we need your help. By helping to create a hospital environment that meets the unique needs of people with dementia, you'll make their experience of hospital so much better - and give them the best chance of going home feeling fit and healthy.

Will you join us, and help make your local hospitals better for people with dementia today?

Our appeal will help to make the experience of going into hospital better for patients with dementia. An unfamiliar environment like a hospital ward, with strange noises and bright lights can be really challenging. Patients with dementia can often struggle as they become confused about where they are. Being away from their home, family and usual daily routine can cause them to feel stressed and anxious.

Funds raised from our Appeal will be used to improve the hospital environment to create spaces that help patients feel less disorientated and calmer.

Staying physically and mentally active is also important and the funds raised so far will be used to provide more patients with the chance to take part in arts and crafts sessions which help to stop their dementia symptoms getting worse and offer an opportunity to socialise.

"Patients also tell us how the sessions have helped lift their mood and improve their general well-being."

Kathryn Stones is the Arts Activities Officer who runs these sessions and she is able to interact with patients to see what impact the sessions are having.

She said: “The patients engage really well with the arts and crafts sessions and they’re so important for patients with dementia. They not only stimulate people’s imagination and help to relieve boredom, but patients also tell us how the sessions have helped lift their mood and improve their general well-being. Patients often surprise themselves as to what they can create and it gives them such a sense of achievement.

“The difference I see in patients from when they arrive to the sessions and when they leave is remarkable. They are much more interactive with staff and other patients around them. It’s so nice to see them smile, chat together, and enjoy themselves.”

Dr Katherine Fox, from Brearley 7 added: “These sessions give patients something to go to that stimulates their brain.

“It helps get patients out of bed to a different area, a different environment, socialising with other patients and members of staff which has a positive impact on their mental health and well-being.

“The difference I see in patients from when they arrive to the sessions and when they leave is remarkable."

“The sessions encourage patients to become more involved and interact with the staff members which means they can get to know them on a more personal level, which is exactly what the dementia appeal is all about – being able to care for each individuals unique needs.”

Thanks to the £25K raised so far by people in Sheffield, additional arts and crafts sessions will begin to be organised so that even more local patients with dementia can benefit from them.

Over the next year we aim to raise £200,000 in total to start making other changes that will benefit patients with dementia so they can return home feeling as fit and healthy as possible.

Support our appeal by fundraising or making a donation.

Published 23rd July 2019